North Florida Youth Football

UpdatedTuesday April 20, 2021 byStewart Galligher.

Maa has joined a new and exciting tackle football league for 2019. The new leagues name is NFYFC (North Florida Youth Football Conference) it is an unlimited weight aged based  league provisions for older kids that are a bit lighter (for the players that are older but small in weight).

We have 8 associations in this new league, allowing us to continue to play the associations we have grown to rival.

 Middleburg   Clay Pal  Oakleaf   Orange Park  Callahan  Fernandina  Jax Pal  Ponte Vedra


Our teams will break down as shown:

6u = 5 & 6 year old unlimited weight 7 year old 45 lbs

8u = 7 & 8 year old unlimited weight 9 year old 60 lbs

10u = 9 & 10 year old unlimited weight 11 year old 70 lbs

12u = 11 & 12 year old unlimited weight 13 year old 100 lbs

(older but lighter will only have to weigh in 1 time only)


On-line registrations are now open. If you have any questions please email Brian Steiner at