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Middleburg Association of Athletics

Welcome to Middleburg Association of Athletics (MAA) and thank you for choosing our park as the location for your child’s athletic association membership and participation. Please take a moment to read the following information about MAA. We believe it will help you navigate through whatever sport season your family is involved in – whether you are a parent in the stands, a concession volunteer, coach or team mom. MAA was established in Clay County at Omega Park in 1974 allowing boys and girls to take part in football, cheerleading, baseball and softball at this location for over four decades. Many of these “kids” are now adults, and are now bringing their own children here to be part of MAA. and are coaching and/or volunteering their time in some way. New members or old, we welcome you all!

Who “runs” MAA?

MAA is a not-for-profit organization run by a volunteer group of unpaid members/parents. There are no paid employees at this park. The MAA executive board consists of the following positions that are elected annually by the vote of eligible park members: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, concession manager, football/cheer/baseball/softball athletic directors, and public relations (which includes fundraising/uniforms). We encourage you to visit the MAA website to become familiar with the current board members and to generally stay “in the loop” about park events, sponsors and schedules. The MAA by-laws are also posted on this site for your review along with other helpful forms and on-line registration. MAA board meetings are held at 6:30pm on the third Monday of each month, unless posted otherwise on the park’s website and/or the clubhouse bulletin board. Meetings are conducted according to basic Robert’s Rules of Order. All members are encouraged to attend and participate.

How is MAA maintained?

Through lease, MAA is located on county property, Omega Park. The association is responsible and maintains all fields, structures and common areas inside the fence lines. This does not include the parking lots, tennis courts, playground or areas along CR 218. Those areas are maintained by the County and we regularly ask officials about their upkeep (parking lots especially). County workers, as of January 2012, no longer collect trash once a week at MAA. Our association is solely responsible for the garbage collection and disposal at MAA. For that reason, we strongly encourage all MAA members to take pride in our park surroundings. Coaches and Team Moms should not excuse players after a game/practice until their area is cleaned up. Large garbage bags can be obtained in the concession stand if you spot a trash can that is overflowing on a busy game day. Each sport’s grounds/maintenance volunteer oversees general repairs to the association’s buildings and fences in that sport’s general area and approaches the board with requests when needs arise. It is rare, due to budget cuts, for the county to provide funding for repairs. MAA discourages “wall-ball” and any other activities that diminish the image of our park due to damage done to exterior dugout paint work or destruction of grounds.

What are MAA’s local and national affiliations?

We are connected to Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Leagues for t-ball, baseball and softball and North Florida Youth Football for Football and Pop Warner for Cheerleading, for those sports respectively. There is a Clay County district in which we participate for baseball/softball. Football/cheer are part of the First Coast Confrence- PoP Warner (Clay County, Duval and St. Johns County teams/squads) .There are separate governing bodies for all these leagues, districts and conferences. Much more information regarding their rules and regulations can be found on-line. Each team’s head coach has access to the various updated rule books as well. MAA is also “home” to a variety of travel ball teams who have board permission to use fields/lights as the schedule allows; not in conflict with existing MAA recreational team use.

How can I become more involved at MAA?

A great place to start as a parent is by asking your child’s coach “How can I help?”. Depending on the answer you receive, make yourself available and be reliable. Maybe you are needed as an assistant coach. Maybe you are needed as a Team Mom or Dugout Dad. If you have a special talent for fund raising, sign making, goodie baking – whatever it is, volunteer! All these things improve your child’s overall experience and benefit the whole team. Working concession stand shifts is mandatory and is one of the items every parent/guardian agrees to in writing on the sign-up form. Any member of your family (16 YOA+) can work your assigned shift. There needs to be ample manpower to prevent long lines and we require adults on the fryer (for safety) and on the register (for accountability). There are several committees under the board structure that may need your help and energy – event planning, field maintenance, etc. Speak to any board member directly or attend a monthly meeting to get connected. Beyond that, we are always interested in networking with local companies and organizations that have a service or product that will benefit the kids of MAA – especially if someone is willing to donate the item or service due to our not-for-profit status! If you have such connections, use them to benefit your child’s team or the park in general.

How are rules of conduct enforced?

Two ways – through the board via MAA by-laws (grievance process) and through local law enforcement via county ordinances governing county parks/property. For example, profanity at MAA/Omega Park is both a violation of MAA rules of conduct and also a violation of county ordinance. Same goes for use of alcohol and tobacco products within the park’s boundary. The county ordinance also restricts animals/pets from park grounds. These guidelines apply to all of us and, while there is always room for improvement, the current board is unified in its resolve to make sure MAA remains a wholesome, safe place for families. Please make every effort to practice good sportsmanship and be a positive example to MAA’s youth. We ask that you do not allow your child to bring food into the dugouts or consume food during games. Children with nut and other allergies cannot be exposed to certain foods and eating during the game is a choking hazard in general.


Remember, members – both young and old – are MAA’s greatest asset. Let’s all step up to the plate, get involved and provide all our kids a great sports experience.

-- MAA Board --